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Cross Border Safaris

Let’s Visit East Africa Combined !!
Our Cross Boarder Safaris are typical East African countries combined with abundance
in particular destinations. Let It be visiting the mountain Gorillas on Rwanda safaris
or chimpanzees in Uganda, Visiting the savanna masai mara in Kenya or Hiking the Roof
of Africa in Tanzania Under one roof at Gorilla Walking safaris.

Kindly take all the below crafted itineraries as ideas for better planning.
Treat all pricing as a guide only while you get in touch for a perfect tailor made itinerary and pricing


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Untangle The Real Adventures of Appealing East Africa
Taking you into the heart of East Africa, Buy More Adventures has been offering specialized
East Africa cross border tours for maximum bush and beach experiences with a little touch of adventure to
fulfill your ultimate travel desires! With the East African adventure travel experiences, you just
close your eyes and think of such wonderful memories, like the endless rolling plains of the Serengeti,
understanding the culture and traditions of great Masai people and the awe-inspiring beauty encircling
around you with spectacular game opportunities, truly this’s East Africa!


Explore The Complexity Of East African Sightseeing Spectacles

Get the best of East African splendors by choosing East Africa cross border tours of
BuyMore Adventures, especially, when you travel across countries like, Kenya, Tanzania,
Rwanda and Uganda. On your trip to East Africa, discover an incredible array of wildlife,
ancient history, locals, culture and the magnificent beauty of this uncovered area. After all,
safari in East Africa with BuyMore Adventures offers a deeper understanding and appreciation of
this extremely intricate and magical land of the African Continent.

What more to expect in East Africa! Spot the ferocious ‘Big Five’ in Kenya and see the wild mountain
gorilla species in Uganda and Rwanda! Choose East Africa tour package and travel with Buy More Adventures
to ensure unforgettable experiences! Our East Africa cross border tours meet the diverse requirements of
tourists from all over the world; so allow us to organize your dream holiday vacation in the East African circuit!

Immerse yourself East Africa’s native and authentic cultures, wildlife and scenic beauty. Talk to our
consultants to help you plan your perfect East Africa safari holiday.