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Who We Are


Safari Vacations Africa is a private tours and travel company based in Uganda and specializing in tailor-made and set departure holidays around East Africa [Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda]. The love to connect travel with charity is one of the major visions for Safari Vacations-Africa, whereby 5% of the money paid for any trip goes to support charity cause. In this case we have partnered with the American based Planet Changer which is a non-profit organization supporting development in Africa, Asia and South America. We aim at becoming a reputable, quick and trusted tours and travel service provider through organizing customized and tailor made tour packages for our clients.

Our size is also a big part of our success. We’re large enough to undertake the biggest holiday Safaris, for all East African Based best destinations, From solo travelers to group safaris, we have trained and enforced best Practices to considering professional tour guides and comfortable Accommodations.

Meet The Founder


Meddy was born in the 1990’s and raised by a single mother. He is the last of the 6 and being brought up in different regions of Uganda, helped him learn a number of the different dialects spoken in the central East African region. Meddy studied wildlife tourism and management at the Uganda Wildlife Training institute and emerged as the best tourism student due to his passion and love of travel and wildlife conservation.

Having examined the number of English-speaking guides around the country, Meddy decided to study a German language course which made him one of the most wanted linguistic safari guides around Uganda and East Africa at large. His unending love and passion to explore wildlife areas around him forced him to do refresher courses in the fields of professional safari guiding in Kenya and Tanzania which increased his knowledge about East Africa’s wildlife and cultures.

Meddy has worked as a freelance safari guide for the last 5 years, and this expertise has helped him gain experience and knowledge about the route connections of the great East African region as well as knowing how the tourism sector works in different sections.

In 2017, Meddy met the president of PLANET CHANGER which is an American based non-profit organisation helping development and changing lives in Africa, South America and Asia. Being a person with a charitable heart, it’s around this time that he decided to start Safari Vacations-Africa as a travel company in connection with charity so that he can change people life by contributing 5% of each trip the PLANET CHANGER cause.

Meddy has a great sense of humor and is always willing to show and explain a lot to the tourists about his country and the East African region. The only way we can save Africa and the world’s unspoiled wilderness and heritage for posterity is if we do it together.

We offer you more than just a safari…we help to bring your dreams to life on an African experience. In an effort to increase awareness for conservation and we also ensure that the local communities benefit from your visit by promoting Eco-tourism related activities in areas neighboring national parks. While on your safari we also kindly request you to respect the environment by minimizing the footprint that you leave and follow our guidelines for responsible tourism.

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