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Mountain Climbing and Hiking Safari

The Great Outdoors

East Africa is made up of hills, great rift valleys and the volcanic mountains that will forever offer you remarkable mountain climbing and hiking experiences in all the three (3) countries. Uganda will take you to the mountains of the moon the Rwenzori mountains, Tanzania will offer you the tallest or the roof of Africa Mt Kilimanjaro and Kenya will offer Mt Kenya. Mountain climbing is a test of one’s strength and character hiking up the volcanic mountains of East Africa offering you scenic walks.

Mountain Climbing and Hiking in Uganda

Mountain climbing in Uganda is one the activities that will spice up your safari in Uganda from 1-9 days. Uganda’s geographic nature with hills, valleys and volcanic mountains will always make amazing and memorable hiking experiences. These are not only experiences but scenic walks with different wildlife, waterfalls, lakes, rivers and unique plant life. There are five areas in Uganda that will offer great hikes;

Hiking Mountain Rwenzori

Mountain Rwenzori is the third highest peak in Africa and commonly known as the mountains of the moon. Mount Rwenzori will offer you gorgeous views of waterfalls, glacial lakes and lush valley as well as different wildlife and bird species. This mountain is shared by two countries that is Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Hikers or climbers have a number of options to choose from the unskilled to skilled hikers that is there is a spot for everyone.

Peaks On Mountain Rwenzori

Weismanns Peak

This will take you 4620 meters from Kilembe base camp through the valley of amazingly unique beautiful plant species, streams, Nyamwamba valley and waterfalls. The trek gets tougher and exhausting with the steep ridges, mud and boggy sections, high steps but the rewards are enormously beautiful. This hike will take you approximately 6 days to get to the peak and accommodation is always found on top in the base camps or huts.

Margherita Peak

This is the highest peak of the Rwenzori mountains at 5109 meters making Rwenzori the third highest point in Africa. The hike will take you down and across the valley floor to Lake Kitandara which is very stunning with deep water and beautiful vegetation. During your summit to Margherita, you will climb Mt Stanley going through its glaciers to the summit of Margherita peak. The mountain is so popular for mountaineering safaris and for those who can’t hike for longer days then they can take part in the nature walks. These go through the communities of the Bakonza people homestays that will offer you cultural performs

Mountain Elgon Hiking

This is an exciting substitute for the strenuous climbs in Uganda and offers scenic views of its walks. The hikers don’t require special or technical skills as well as equipment’s to reach the peaks and even the altitude is lower with mild climate. Mountain Elgon is the easiest to climb throughout the year and not congested at all with a number of attractions.

Wagagai Peak

This is the highest peak of mountain Elgon and can be traversed through using three trails.

Piswa trail

The easiest or gentle trail of the three in the northern side which passes through Kapkwata village and hot springs towards the caldera. You will go through the Podocarpus forest with spectacular views of the Karamojong plains in Uganda and Nandi in the Kapenguria hills in Kenya.

Sasa Trail

This is the toughest of all the trails but the shortest of all the three through the Bamasaba settlement and culture. The hike takes approximately 4 days through the Budadiri town, bamboo forest and the passing Jackson’s pool towards Wagagai peak.

Sipi Trail

This is the most scenic of all the trails but also the longest which will take hikers 4-6 days from Kapkwai forest. The trail passes through the three Sipi falls, Tutum cave through the caldera to reach Wagagai.

Mount Sabinyo Hiking

This mountain is part of the Virunga mountains and found in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. It derives its name from an old man with crooked teeth in a shape of a mountain. Hiking the mountain is only open on the side of Uganda since it’s not very rugged for mountaineering. Hiking sabinyo isn’t that easy so climbers should be very careful and always carry a bottle of water. During the hike you will get to see the golden monkeys which are found in the area.

Mountain Muhabura Hiking

The mountain is 4127 meters above sea level and borders two countries that is Uganda and Rwanda. During the hike you will enjoy sights of crater lakes and other beautiful sites. Its 3474 meters above sea level and part of the Virunga mountains but only found in Uganda. During the hike you will get a chance of the beautiful sights of the crater lakes and the unique people of Uganda the Batwa tribe. It’s the shortest and easiest hike of all the Virunga mountains.

Mountain Climbing And Hiking in Tanzania

Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest point in Africa followed by Mt Rwenzori in Uganda and Mt. Kenya in Kenya. Not to forget Mt. Kilimanjaro is the tallest stand-alone mountain in the world. It’s located in Moshi town and controlled for climbers to enjoy without leaving touches of their presence. Kilimanjaro is accessed by road transportation to the park and it will take you approximately 2 hours from Arusha town covering 123 kms. When you are coming from Mosh it’s 48 kms and it will take approximately 1 hour to reach Marangu (Park headquarters). Mountain Kilimanjaro has 8 peaks and all offer you sights of beautiful scenery as well as unique features as below;

Kibo Peak

This is the most beautiful of all the peaks since its snow-capped all year round yet it’s close to the Equator line. It’s the highest of all with 5895 meters tall and reaching the peak is conquering a life time adventure. This peak alone has made Mt. Kilimanjaro the roof top of Africa.

Mawenzi Peak

This is the most difficult peak to climb during your hike of mt. Kilimanjaro and requires specialized skills and knowledge. As a hiker you will only be permitted when you have the equipment’s and a technical climber. The rugged peak is the second tallest at 5149 meters.

Shira Peak

This was once the tallest peak on Mt. Kilimanjaro but collapsed 750 years again. This is the third tallest peak at 3962 meters and with a number of tourism activities. In addition, when it collapsed it led to the formation of the Shira plateau with its magnificent scenic views of Kilimanjaro. The open grassland on the plateau has attracted habitants of wildlife from Buffaloes, elephants, elands and different types of monkeys. They use the Shira plateau for feeding and salt licking. Furthermore, the peak has a point called cathedral and Needle that hikers can climb on a day excursion

Mount Meru

This is one of the mountains for first timer climbers to kick start there hiking skills before elevating to Kilimanjaro. Mount Meru is endowed with different types of wildlife like monkeys, leopards and birdlife of 400 specie. The mountain is 4562 meters and very visible while at Kilimanjaro a clear day. Hikers can only climb the mountain through one legal route called Momella which starts from its gate. You will be advised to choose any of the two trails that is the Miriakamba hut at 2514 metersand Saddle Hut at 3566 meters

Mountain Climbing And Hiking in Kenya

Mountain climbing in Kenya isn’t popular but also one of the activities that tourists can take part in. Kenya has the 2nd highest point after Kilimanjaro in Africa and thanks to Mt. Kenya at 5199 meters.

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is a snow caped mountain with 11 glaciers covered with forested landscape like rock Hyrax, Lobelias and senecios. The mount is sacred to the kikuyu people who construct their houses facing it. It is believed to be a place of light which in their language call Kirinyaga

Lenana peak

This is the popular pick for hikers and has been summitted at 4985 meters and the easiest of all.

Batian Peak

This is the highest peak at 5199 meters and its hiked by few people since it requires technical skills and equipment’s. Hiking the peak takes between 2- 4 days and the routes a famous for the scenic beauty brought about by the ice glaciers they emulate. These are the ice window route and diamond couloir but due to global warming the ice has been retreating. This has it very difficult and dangerous to summit Batian peak and if you must then the mountain climbing equipment’s should be handy. The mountain is accessed through road transport either bus or private from Nairobi via Nanyuki or Naro Moru

Mountain Longonot

This mountain is located in the great rift valley of Kenya and one of the dormant volcanoes in Africa. Hiking mount longonot will take you approximately 4-5 hours long with spectacular views of lake Naivasha, wildlife and animals in its vicinity.

Mountain Lesatima

Lesatima mountain is found in the great rift valley of Kenya in the area of the Aberdare and also the third highest in Kenya. This is the most hiked mountain in Kenya and one of the experiences that you can’t miss on your itinerary to the Aberdare national park.


The time of visit varies depending on the seasons that’s wet or dry. However, be rest assured that you can participate in mountain climbing anytime of the year. We recommend you visit during the dry season and when the rain is less to easy climbing that June to October and December to March. The rainy seasons with huge rainfalls happen during April, May& November. However, due to global warming there has been a change in the rainfall patterns therefore this can change year after year.

Your Adventure Starts Here


  • Hiking boots

The boots are a must for the climbers since mountain hiking areas are rock and rugged. They will help you over come the slippery and difficult areas to access as well as wet seasons

  • Rain jackets

The altitude keeps changing and so does the climatic conditions which cause changes in the weather. So, if it rains you are covered.

  • Warm clothes

High altitudes above sea level get colder as you summit higher the mountain and please note that some of them a snow capped and will require also winter clothing.

  • Gardening gloves

These will be used during climbing and also the coldness at the high altitude.

  • Camera

This is always required to capture the memories for the different sights of the beautiful experiences you will encounter.

 In conclusion, mountaineering safaris we arrange for you will never disappoint when you add it to your safari while in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.

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